Get easy access to funds and services with no maintenance fees.

  • No minimum balance required.
  • No monthly charges or per check fees.
  • Unlimited transactions.

Automate your Banking

Get immediate access to your paycheck funds with Direct Deposit. Access account details, pay bills and transfer funds 24/7 with Online Banking. You can also order Credit Union checks which include duplicate carbonless copies produced when you write each check. Your duplicate draft and monthly statement are positive proof of each check issued.

MasterCard Debit Card

Use your free MasterCard Debit Card anywhere MasterCard is accepted for purchases, plus withdraw cash surcharge-free at select ATMs across the country. Request your card when you open your checking account, or anytime after.

For after business hours to report a lost/stolen card call:  1-800-264-5578.
For the fraud department call:  1-866-842-5208.

Find a Surcharge-Free ATM near you.

Overdraft Protection Options

Mistakes happen. Avoid the headache of an overdraft by opting-in for one of our overdraft protection services when you open your Checking Account.

Standard Overdraft Protection

If there are not enough funds in your Checking Account to cover a check, we’ll automatically transfer the needed funds from your regular share account. This service has a per transfer fee and you may use it up to 6 times per month.

Courtesy Pay

If you have any form of automatic deposit of at least $500/month deposited into your Checking Account, you are eligible to opt-in for our Courtesy Pay program. Under this program, we cover overdrafts of up to $500 for a flat per day fee until the funds are replaced in full.

If overdraft protection is in effect and if there isn’t enough money in the regular share account to cover the check, you will be charged an insufficient funds fee (NSF) and your check will be returned. The Credit Union reserves the right to close accounts if abused.

Switch Kit

Once you’ve established your new Checking Account, use our Switch Kit to easily update your direct deposits and automatic payments, as well as close your old account(s).

Checking Account Truth in Savings Disclosure

Checking Account Fees

Effective January 1, 2022
Fee TypeAmount
Monthly Service ChargeNone
Share Draft Check OrderDetermined by Style
Copy of Draft$3.00
Stop Payment (Drafts or ACH Debits)$30.00
Overdraft Transfers (6 per month)$30.00
Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF) Returned Draft Fee$30.00
NSF Fee - Non-profit Business Account$5.00
Deposit Checks Returned Unpaid$30.00
Courtesy Pay (Per Item)$30.00
Reconciliation/Research $25.00/hr