Personal Loans

When you need money, we’re here to help.

Our Credit Union exists to meet the needs and requirements of members, not to make a profit on them. Members can borrow for virtually any worthwhile purpose — emergencies that demand cash, consolidation of pressing debts, or installment purchases of any kind.

We offer a variety of personal loan options to help our members.

Signature Loans

At our Credit Union your signature alone is often all that is needed to grant a loan. We may lend you up to 25% of your gross annual income with either 36 or 60 months for repayment.


A line-of-credit loan is a loan based on your income and obligations, no collateral needed! Apply for a line-of-credit now, so you have it available to you when you need it. Once your credit limit is set, you may can request advances quickly and efficiently often with next-day service. Rates are lower than credit card finance charges, and there is no annual fee. Payments may be extended out to 36 or 60 months.

Share Secured Loans

Share Secured Loans are one of our lowest rated loans because we use your savings account as collateral for the loan. You must have the amount you want to borrow in your savings account, and be pledged as security for the loan. Repayment terms are available up to 60 months.

Fully Secured Loans

Fully Secured Loans have a rate break based on security that has value greater than or equal to the amount borrowed.  Security for these loans can be assets such as a car title or second mortgage. Rates vary based on the collateral provided (vehicle rate or home equity rate).

Certificate Secured Loans

A Certificate Secured Loan uses your pledged Share Certificate(s) as collateral for your loan. The APR for the loan is equal to the pledged certificate dividend rate, plus 4.00%, but not to fall below 6.00% or the lowest rate allowed by the Federal Credit Union Act.

If the pledged certificate is renewed, the APR will change to reflect the new dividend rate. Any increase in the APR will result in higher payments. The present APR and Daily Periodic Rate will be disclosed on the voucher accompanying this advance.

If the pledged certificate is redeemed, the proceeds of the certificate will be used to pay off the loan. Any remaining balance on the loan will be immediately due and payable.

Credit Builder Loan

We also offer a loan that is specifically designed for you to easily pay off in order to build your credit. The maximum amount for a Credit Builder Loan is $1,500 with a repayment term of up to 18 months.

Personal Loan Rates

Effective January 1, 2021
Type of LoanTermAPR*Preferred APR*
Share Secured60 months1.99%N/A
Credit Builder/Rebuilder**18 months5.00%N/A
Signature**36 months12.00%8.99%
60 months13.00%9.99%
Personal Line-of-Credit**36 monthsN/A8.99%
60 monthsN/A9.99%
*APR=Annual Percentage Rate. Rates available to qualified members only and based on certain credit standards. Contact our loan department for information about how your rate is determined. Rates shown require member has automatic payments from a YEFCU account, payroll deduction or direct deposit. Add 0.25% to the APR and 0.26% to the preferred APR if you do not use at least one of these services.
**Maximum loan amount or credit limit on unsecured lending is 25% of Gross Annual Income.

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