Benefits & Discounts

We appreciate all of our members, and we say “thank you” with benefits.

Our Credit Union offers its members a multitude of benefits and discounts just for banking with us. Our members are the core of our Credit Union, so these are some of the ways that we show our appreciation.

U.S. Savings Bonds

Although U.S. Savings Bonds must be purchased online from the U.S. Treasury, the credit union still can redeem paper U.S. Savings bonds, including Series E, Series EE and Series I bonds. Also, now members can open a secure account with the U.S. Treasury through TreasuryDirect and Manage your purchases, redemptions, and savings portfolio online.

Annual Dave Baker York Educational Federal Credit Union Scholarship Contest

High school seniors can apply to this contest to receive this annually awarded scholarship. Two $500 scholarships are awarded each year. You can find out more information at our Scholarship Page.

Sprint Credit Union Member Discount

Our members can save 10% on select regularly priced personal service plans, or 15% on select regularly priced business plans. Members can also get waived activation fees on new lines and waived upgrade fees on existing lines.

Partnership with Liberty Mutual

Our members can exclusively save on car or home insurance.

Discount Coupons

During special seasonal promotions we provide discounts at places such as:

  • Liberty Mutual Auto/Homeowner Insurance

VISA Gift Card

You can buy a prepaid card worth up to $1,000, which can then be used at any place that accepts VISA.