Direct Deposit

YEFCU can receive your paycheck via Direct Deposit.

Many employers now offer direct deposit of your paycheck, in whole or a specific deduction, into an account of your choosing.

Payroll Deductions

Payroll Deduction is one of the most convenient services for day-to-day money management. If your employer offers it, you can have your paycheck deposited in whole or part to any credit union account or dispersed across several accounts, including those of your family members. You can also pay your loans using payroll deductions.

Periodic Automatic Disbursement System (PADS)

PADS is another service we offer that allows us to schedule automatic transfers from any of your Credit Union accounts to any other Credit Union account. Use this service to automatically pay your loan payment on the same date every month to be eligible for a 1/4% rate discount. There is a form that members can request by phone or pick up and complete at any of our branches.