Identity Theft Protection

Your personal information is being collected and shared. Let us help keep yourself protected.

Here are the Top 10 Tips for Avoiding Identity Theft

  1. Shred old financial documents that have your private information.
  2. Avoid carrying any cards with your Social Security Number, and don’t write your SSN on your checks.
  3. Get your mail as soon as possible after delivery or use a lockable mailbox.
  4. Take ATM and other receipts with you when making purchases.
  5. Keep an eye on your credit card at all times or pay with cash.
  6. It anyone calls you unexpectedly and asks for private information, do not reveal it. Contact the company yourself to confirm before revealing private information.
  7. Remove your name from marketing lists. Call the Do-Not-Call-Registry at 888-382-1222.
  8. Ask merchants if giving them your SSN or driver’s license is really necessary.
  9. Check your credit report annually to check for suspicious activity.
  10. Review credit card statements carefully.